Tuesday, February 9, 2021

What to expect on your test day

 The day is finally here. Everything you have been working on with your driving instructor has led to this day. What can you expect?

Your driving instructor will pick you up at the pre agreed time and location. Be sure to bring your provisional driving licence and theory pass certificate with you. Think about how you can best use the lesson time before your test - maybe some general driving, maybe practising a manoeuvre?

We will aim to arrive at the test centre around 5-10 minutes before your test start time, we will get parked up and get everything ready. I will follow Covid 19 guidelines with cleaning the vehicle before the examiner gets into the vehicle. They may choose to wipe down the vehicle too.

Your examiner will meet us at the car and will introduce themselves to you. They will ask to see your provisional driving licence. You will need to sign a piece of paper to verify you are who you say you are. Please ensure your signature matches that of your driving licence.

The examiner will ask you to read a vehicle licence plate from a set distance. This is to ensure you meet the safety requirements to continue with the test.

You will then be asked a 'tell me' question before you set off. They will ask you a 'show me' question once you set off. Familiarise yourself with these questions now. 

The practical driving test will consist of general driving, a reversing manoeuvre, and an independent driving element. Your driving test will last around 40 minutes.

The general driving element of the test will include pulling over beside the kerb and moving off safely, moving away from behind a parked vehicle and a hill start. You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop.

The examiner will ask you to perform a reserving manoeuvre. This could be a parallel park, parking forward into a bay and reversing out, reversing into a bay, or pulling up on the right-side of the road and reversing back two vehicle lengths, before re-joining the traffic.

You will be asked to drive independently for 20 minutes. You'll be asked to either follow signs towards a destination or to follow a sat nav. The sat nav will be set up for you. If you cannot see traffic signs due to being obscured, your examiner will give you directions until it becomes clear again.

If you think you've made a mistake during your test, put it behind you and carry on as normal. If your examiner has marked a serious fault you will be guided back to the test centre where the test will end. Feedback will be given so you know what went wrong.

Your examiner may be accompanied by a supervisor. They are not there to observe you so try to ignore the fact they are there.

When you return to the test centre, the examiner will let you know if you've been successful. They will explain any faults you may have picked up and will provide any relevant feedback. You will then be driven home.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your driving test, please let me know.

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