Friday, April 1, 2022

How to choose a driving instructor

It can be difficult choosing the right driving instructor. How do you know what they are like? What if it doesn't work out? With nearly 40000 registered driving instructors in the UK, doing your research will ensure you find the perfect fit.

Seek out recommendations

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways of seeking out that perfect match. Ask friends and family for their recommendations - did they have a good experience when they learned to drive? Do you own research. Use Facebook and Google reviews to see what others have said about their experiences. Find out if they have experience of teaching those with specific needs if this is something that would help you.

Don't base your decision on price

It is important that you find an instructor who can help you achieve your goals in an efficient and professional way. It can be false economy going for the cheapest option as you could pay more in the longer term. Work out what the average hourly rate is in your area and see for yourself what works for you.

Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. If an instructor has little work, compare those to instructors who cannot accommodate you straight away. Would you be happy to wait a few weeks for a slot to become available?

Ask any questions you may have

If you have any questions get in contact with them. If there is anything you'd like to know before you commit to lessons, find out now. Most instructors will welcome this and will provide all of the information you need before booking you in for your first driving lesson.

Check their qualifications and commitment to professional development

You can check to see if a driving instructor is registered with the DVSA here. Ask them if they have any additional qualifications which may be of interest to you.

Check their availability works for you

Do you need to book lessons at specific times? Check to see if they can accommodate this. Do you need lessons on a Sunday afternoon? Are they willing to work evenings?

Get a feel for their approach

If you're unsure about whether you'll get on with your chosen instructor, ask to meet them first. Have a chat with them. Consider booking a driving lesson without obligation of booking further lessons if you don't feel its right for you. Don't be afraid to move on if their coaching style does not suit you.

Don't read too much into the figures

It is important to remember everyone learns at their own pace and there's no one size fits all.  I hear a lot of people say that their driving instructor "has a very high pass rate" but what does this mean? We all have passes, we all have fails. It happens. According to the DVSA, the national pass rate is 47.5% so if you must, use this as a more realistic figure of how well a driving instructor is performing. Better still, ignore the figures and strive to find a driving instructor who will work with you to become a safe and competent driver.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Drive With Joe: Welcome onboard!


Welcome to the road, thank you for choosing to share your learning journey with me. I have provided some information and frequently asked questions but do feel free to ask any questions throughout your journey.

This document should be read together with the terms and conditions of tuition.

What can you expect?

Passing your driving test safely and efficiently relies heavily on commitment and dedication on your part. You can expect a reliable, prompt and professional service at all times. I am dedicated to your success. I commit to undertaking regular Professional Development – always finding ways to improve my skillset. This ensures I stay up to date with the industry within which I operate.

I promote client-centred learning that puts you at the heart of your learning journey. I will encourage plenty of timely discussion and problem solving throughout. If at anytime you are finding something difficult, I will work with you to find appropriate solutions. I have vast experience of working with those with learning disabilities and will work closely with you to find the most effective strategy for your specific requirements. I am happy to work closely with parents/guardians where appropriate.

I will always endeavour to accommodate your preferred lesson slot however sometimes this will need to be altered due to upcoming practical tests. Those booking tests must take priority over regular lessons. You can expect this when you are ready for your practical test.


Payment is required at least 48 hours before the lesson commences. Bank transfer is preferred.

Cancellation policy

Please be aware that I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your lesson within 48 hours I reserve the right to charge the full lesson fee. I am human and I do understand life can be unpredictable so I will assess the situation as it arises.

Please see my terms and conditions for further information.

Theory practice

For more information about the theory test have a look at To book the theory test use only the official website at

How many hours?

I often get asked how many lessons you’re likely to need before you are ready for your test. It is very difficult to assess this in the early days, and will depend on many factors.

It is important to understand that everyone is different and that the learning process varies from one person to another. As you work through your lessons you will see your progress and get a better understanding.

Please do not judge yourself with others.

How do I know when I’m ready to book a test?

In order to assess your progress we will complete a progress record at the end of each lesson. This will highlight anything that needs improvement. I encourage pupils to take a mock test to help familiarise them with the practical test scenario.

See my list of frequently asked questions here.

Booking the test

Once you have reached the required standard for the driving test, you can then book your practical test. You should be able to drive independently, safely and responsibly at all times with very little input from me.

You can book the practical driving test online at Please only use the official for this.

More information can be found here.

It is important that you check with me before a test is booked to ensure my car is available. Failure to do so could mean you will not have a car for your test. You can cancel or move your test up to three working days before the date of your test should you need to.


If you are happy with my service and would like to leave feedback please do so on my Facebook page.

If you have any problems or concerns at any time during your learning journey, please feel free to discuss these with me. I will do everything within my power to put things right.

Contact me

Call or text 07934 137560 (up until 7pm weekdays)
Whatsapp 07934 137560
Facebook Messenger: @joebass.adi

Please visit or

Learning to drive - a parent's guide to driving lessons

 As a parent myself, I understand how daunting it can be to accept that your (not so little) child is of driving age. I encourage all of my pupils to involve their parents in their driving journey. I am always happy to discuss their progress with parents, answer any questions they may have or just be there to offer reassurance of their progress.

Ged and Claire Wilmot from have put together a very good guide for parents. Please have a read of it.'s-Guide-to-Active-Learning.pdf

Drive With Joe: Terms and Conditions of Driving Tuition

These Terms and Conditions set out the ground rules for all of your driver training with Joe Bass.

To be clear – these rules apply to both the customer and your driving instructor. The only exception to the rules herein would be where the driver training vehicle is unexpectedly off the road due to mechanical failure.


These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of your tuition, and will be issued to you upon request or downloaded from my website (


It is your responsibility to attend all lessons with a valid provisional driving licence, if a lesson is attended without such a licence – the full lesson price will be due. Joe reserves the right to refuse to provide you with tuition or to cancel any lessons you have agreed to or booked, without liability, if you fail to provide Joe with the licence prior to your first lesson.


The contract for driving tuition is solely between you and Joe. You and Joe are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons.


Lessons booked as part of a block booking (10, 20 or 30 hours) will be honoured at the discounted rate if offered. Lessons pre-paid at less than 10 hours are subject to change without notice should prices be changed.


Lesson prices are available on request - these may be varied at any time by Joe. All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate.


The cost of block booked tuition is based on the lesson price in force at the time that the booking is made and will be honoured for a period of 6 months from the date of the booking. If you fail to use a minimum of 50% of your block booked tuition within the first 6 months of the booking date, Joe reserves the right to increase the price of any unused tuition time.


Payment – Lessons must be paid for in advance unless by prior arrangement and agreement with Joe.


Pick up points – Joe will be pleased to start and finish your lesson from different pick up points – providing these are agreed at least one week in advance – and that both are within the usual area of work.


Cancellation Policy – Lessons can only be cancelled with 2 working days’ notice. Where a cancellation is received within this period, the full cost of the lesson will be due unless the lesson is re-booked within 5 days. Where repeated cancellations occur, Joe reserves the right to charge for the cancelled lesson. Successful driving training depends on continuity of tuition – this policy is in place to maintain this progress. This policy may only be varied by Joe.



I will contact you before each lesson to check:

·         If you or anyone in your household has become unwell or has symptoms of COVID

·         If you or anyone in your household has been tested in the last week

·         If you believe you may have been in contact with someone showing symptoms

·         If you or anyone in your household have become unwell or are showing symptoms

If so please inform me, your lesson will be rescheduled to a later date at no cost. If I have any of the above I will inform you and reschedule your lesson. Should you or me show symptoms during the lesson, the lesson will be terminated at no cost.

Communication – All communication must be in person – not via a relative or friend. This is for both security and data protection. Bookings will be accepted by call or text (07934 137560), email (, or via Facebook Messenger (joebass.adi). Please be aware that Joe may not be available to talk to you during normal working hours due to teaching commitments. He will get back to you at his earliest convenience.


Re-arrangement Policy – Lessons cancelled but re-booked and taken within 5 days have no additional charge.


Bad Weather – Lessons will be taken as booked unless advised Joe in every circumstance. If weather is such that Joe feels that a lesson needs to be re-arranged – he will be in contact with you.


To ensure that communication channels are in place – please ensure that Joe is aware of your mobile and landline numbers.


Holidays and Availability – Joe will give you the maximum possible notice of holidays / days where he is unavailable, please ensure that you do likewise – to maintain progress. Please be sure to book your first lesson after your holiday / break in tuition, to retain your place in the diary – and to maintain progress.


Refund Policy – Refunds for lessons not taken will only be made in exceptional circumstances, and entirely at Joe’s discretion. Lessons already taken will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Health and Safety – Please ensure that you present yourself in suitable clothing – particularly practical shoes. It is also important to attend lessons with any appropriate glasses / lenses for reasons of road safety.


Medication – if you are taking any medication that may affect your ability to drive – please discuss this at the earliest opportunity with Joe.


Be aware that where a pupil presents themselves for a lesson in a condition that Joe believes to be unfit due to the effects of drink or drugs – the lesson will be aborted on the grounds of road safety – and the full lesson price will be due. There will be no exceptions to this rule. There will be no smoking at any time during any lesson.


Practical Tests – will only book with Joe’s agreement. If a test is booked without Joe’s agreement, there will be no assurance that his car will be available for the test. Please consult with Joe where any doubt exists. You are responsible for booking your own theory and practical tests. Test days will be for 3 hours and will be charged at £96.


Your service will include:

(1)   Provide you with driving tuition at the hourly rate agreed.

(2)   Recommend what are, in their opinion, the most appropriate training methods and aids to help you study for your theory and hazard perception test.

(3)   Design a course of lessons to match your specific driving and learning needs from your first lesson right through to your practical test.

(4)   Provide you with on-road lessons which will last two hours or such other duration as you and Joe will agree in advance.

(5)   Provide a presentable, modern, properly maintained and dual controlled car for each lesson.

(6)   Recommend, where appropriate, advanced courses to help you develop your skills for: motorway driving, driving in extreme weather conditions and the Pass Plus.

(7)   Give you relevant feedback during your lesson and encourage you to reflect on your lesson at the end of the session.

(8)   Monitor your progress, advise and recommend what is, in their opinion, the appropriate time to book your mock practical test and once it has been agreed between you both, apply for your practical driving test and where required, they will advise whether it should be subsequently rescheduled.

(9)   Provide training on a one-to-one basis with no other learner in the car.

(10)  Honour the full time booked for each lesson, which should include an introduction, practical training and a debrief at the end of your lesson.

(11)  At all times conduct themselves in a professional manner including: i. Being courteous and considerate to you. ii. Avoiding physical contact except in an emergency. iii. Not smoking during your lessons. iv. Restricting mobile phone use to emergencies or for your benefit.

(12)  Reserve the right to cancel a lesson or finish a lesson early on grounds of road safety.

(13)  Not discriminate against you and will always abide by the law.

(14)  Endeavour to be on time at the agreed pick-up point and be available for the full duration of the lesson booking, subject to any circumstances beyond their control.

(15)  Endeavour to give you two working days’ notice (excluding Bank Holidays) should a lesson need to be rescheduled.

(16)  Respond professionally to any worries or issues that you may have and try to resolve them to your satisfaction. Joe commits to fulfil his responsibilities with regard to data protection. Any information and information provided will be treated as confidential, and handled securely. Mobile telephones will not be answered by pupil or instructor during the lesson. Please remember to switch off your phone at the start of all lessons to prevent distraction.


You accept the above terms and conditions upon commencing your training with Joe Bass.


Revision date: 1 April 2022.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Your driving lessons: an active learning approach

 "An active learning approach is more engaging and interesting for you. It keeps you motivated and ensures you become a fully aware, safe and responsible driver..." - Ged Wilmot,

This is a philosophy I endeavour to follow. Take a look at the article written by Ged and Claire Wilmot from Active Driving Solutions.'s-Guide-to-Active-Learning.pdf 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Get ready for your first driving lesson!

You've received your new provisional driving licence, you've booked your first driving lesson, now you're wondering what to expect. I will explain everything to put you at ease and look forward to beginning your learning journey. Exciting stuff.

Thank you for choosing me as your driving instructor and I will look forward to our adventure.

Be sure to get a good night's sleep before the big day. You'll want to feel fresh and ready to begin the lifetime skill of driving a car. Have breakfast and bring a bottle of water with you, particularly if its a warm day. The car is fully air conditioned but the stop-start nature of the early steps to driving will mean the engine won't always be running.

I will pick you up from the address you've given me at your chosen date and time - look out for this:

Have your driving licence ready for me to check. I will check that the photo on your licence resembles something like you, don't be shy, if you've got an awful photo like me, I won't judge! I will then conduct a quick eyesight check to ensure you meet the safety requirements to drive a vehicle. Remember to bring glasses if you need them, sunglasses if its bright.

We will then proceed to a suitable area ideal for practising the basics of car control. During the journey I will introduce myself and tell you a little about today's lesson. Feel free to ask any questions - at any time - no question is a silly question, ask away.

When we reach a suitable area, we will swap seats (Covid19 regulations followed of course). We will get you sitting comfortably, set up those mirrors, get everything ready to go. We will then begin to explore what the various controls, switches and levers do. I will check your understanding and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Keep those questions coming.

Once you've familiarised yourself with the car, we can then have a look at the process of moving off and stopping. We will break it down into small chunks for you to have a go. Try it, have fun, don't worry - you won't break anything! It's worth pointing out I have a clutch and brake pedal so I can stop the car safely if the need arises. You'll be moving off in no time. Imagine that! We will spend time repeating the process until you feel ready to try some gear changes.

Depending on the area's suitability we may get the chance to use some quiet junctions - no pressure, the option will be there if you wish. I will always encourage you but I'm conscious it is a lot of information to take in on a first lesson.

You will be amazed just how much progress you will make in such a short amount of time. Feel free to do as much or as little as you wish, there are no hard and fast rules, just relax, get used to it and enjoy it.

Again, if you have any questions, fire away. Your input is always welcomed and encouraged. Been driving with your parents prior to lessons and want to try things a different way? Go for it.

We will then have a little debrief about what you've learned and what you'd like to achieve next. As always, I will ensure you are very much in control of how you'd like lessons to develop. I will ensure everyone's safety at all times. We will then set a few goals for the next lesson.

We will then head home and we can set a date and time for your next lesson. Congratulations, you've taken the first steps to getting onto the road. Now is the time to begin practising for your theory test - the earlier you pass this the more time you'll have to focus on the practical test.

I very much look forward to meeting you.

Additional support available for those taking their theory and practical tests

 Special provision will be made by the DVSA for those with additional needs when taking their theory and practical tests. Whether you're hard of hearing, you have a physical disability or a learning difficulty, support is available for you.

You must inform the DVLA of any special needs or physical disabilities which might affect your ability to drive safely. More information can be found here.

Theory test support

Extra time may be given for those with learning difficulties or hard of hearing. You can choose to listen to the test using a headset, this option is available to everyone - no proof of disability is required. You can also opt for a one-to-one reader/recorder. This is a person appointed by the test centre who can read and record your answers. They are not allowed to explain any questions to you. No allowance will be made for additional support for the Hazard Perception Test.

You must inform the test centre of any additional support needed when booking your theory test.

More information can be found on the DVSA website.

Practical test support

There are a few options available to help support those hard of hearing, those with a physical disability and those with a learning difficulty. Your examiner will allow you extra time for your test. This will allow time for the examiner to explain the support available to you. You may choose to take a break during the test.

You must state any hearing, physical disability or learning difficulty when booking your practical test. Details will then be passed to your examiner who will be aware of your needs before meeting you.

More information can be found on the DVSA website.

Useful links

Further information on driving with additional needs can be found at the following websites.

 - East Anglian DriveAbility
 - Driving Mobility
 - British Dyslexia Association
 - National Autistic Society
 - Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

How to choose a driving instructor

It can be difficult choosing the right driving instructor. How do you know what they are like? What if it doesn't work out? With nearly ...