Monday, February 22, 2021

Lesson dedication - why regular lessons are so important

Whether you choose an intensive driving course or you opt for weekly lessons, its important to stick to a routine that maximises efficiency and keep things fresh. Here's why.

The route to driving success is dedication and good organisation on your part. Past test results have shown that a set routine for your driving lessons will improve your chances of going on to pass your driving test in the most efficient way possible.

That is, if you choose a 2 hour slot once a week this will ensure your knowledge is fresh, you will quickly build on what you have learned from your previous lesson, keeping recapping time to a minimum. Those whose lessons are infrequent and patchy will spend more time recapping on previous lessons, ultimately requiring more lessons to pass their driving test.

You will see more rapid progress too.

Inevitably, life gets in the way sometimes and there may be times where you cannot commit to a regular driving lesson. Do try to make it as regular as you can though.

Get it booked, get it done, get passed.

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